Extended FAQ

I have compiled a list of your most asked detox questions! Please check carefully below as it is likely your question has been answered here.

I need ingredient substitutions

Apple - pear

Baby spinach - regular spinach (remove any large stalks)

Banana - pear

Coconut milk - almond milk/extra water

Coconut water - water

Flaxseed - chia seeds

Kale - spinach/romaine lettuce

Kiwi - green grapes

Lemon - lime

Mango - peach/nectarine/papaya

Mint - leave out

Mixed berries - plums/red apples

Pears - peaches/apples

Pineapples - oranges

Red grapes - plums/any berry

Strawberries -any other berry/apples

Watermelon - cantaloupe/honey dew melon or use extra of other ingredients in recipe

I'm not losing as much weight as I expected

Everyone has a different detox experience but it is virtually impossible to not lose any weight during the 12 days. Most people lose between 8-16 lbs (3.5-7 kg) in the 12 days.

Were you drinking enough water each day alongside the smoothies?(6 x 250ml cups per day) and did you consume too much salt with snacks? Excess salt will cause the body to hold onto extra weight.

Another cause could be if you were on the lead up to your period when you weighed yourself, as many women gain up to 10 lbs (5kg) during this time which would cause a misleading reading on the scale.

Other than that, do you have any medical issues such as thyroid problems or PCOS? As this can cause problems with weight loss whilst on this detox.

Can I continue the detox for longer than 12 days/how long until I can repeat? 

This detox has been designed only for short term use therefore I do not recommend continuing beyond the 12 days. You should give your body a break and wait 1-2 months before repeating. If you want to continue replacing 1-2 meals with smoothies straight after the detox for continued weight loss and health benefits, I would recommend my 60 Meal Replacement Smoothies eBook, as these recipes have been designed for longterm use.

I bought the eBook but didn't receive it

After checkout you will be emailed a download link within a few minutes. Please remember to check your junk/spam folders too. If it is not there within 1 hour, it is likely there was a typo in your email address so we were unable to send it. If you suspect this is the case, please email Hello@SmoothieSlimDetox.com with your full name & email address that you want the eBook sent to.

I bought the eBook but now it's saying 'access denied'

You need to go back to your original download link email and redownload the eBook and save it to your device. Please save the actual eBook to your device rather than just saving the download link otherwise the error you described will occur.

You were emailed the download link right after the purchase. It might have landed in your junk folder. If you have lost the email you can resend it by clicking here.

I've lost my download link email

You can resend it by clicking here.

My payment card keeps getting declined. Why?

As I am an European-based company this can sometimes cause 'declines' with payments coming from international banks. This error is widely experienced by online sellers of digital goods - don't worry, the payment is still extremely secure!

If you still wish to purchase the eBook I recommend trying another card or to contact your bank and ask them to process the payment, or alternatively try making the purchase through a PayPal account.

Can I drink coffee on the detox?

On a strict detox, caffeine containing products such as coffee should be avoided. HOWEVER if you are a regular coffee drinker this will likely lead to bad caffeine withdrawal headaches for the first 1-2 days.

If you are struggling without coffee and do not want to permanently quit drinking it, I think it is better that you just cut back during the detox rather than not have it at all. For example, you can have 1-2 cups per day with sweetener and a splash of plant based milk, just try to avoid adding sugar or cream.

Note: Drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee per day during the detox will not effect your weight loss results.

TIP: If you are a regular coffee drinker and do not plan to drink it during the 12 days gradually cut down on the amount you drink 1-2 weeks before starting the detox so you do not experience any harsh withdrawal headaches.

Will I need frequent bowel movements whilst on this detox?

This detox has not been designed to produce laxative effective so you should not require any urgent toilet trips.

Can I detox whilst on my period?

Yes you can do this detox whilst on your period. It's really up to you, but the detox will still be effective. The main thing to note is that your reading on the scale is likely to be inaccurate as women temporarily gain up to 10 lbs (5kg) during their period. So just bear this in mind when weighing yourself. 

Can I take supplements whilst on the detox?

I usually suggest not taking supplements whilst on the detox unless they have been prescribed to you by your doctor or another health care professional.

I cheated on the detox, what to do?

If you slipped up on the detox, carry on as normal. Don't restrict your smoothies or over exercise in an effort to compensate. It's normal your weight on the scale will temporarily rise especially if you ate starchy carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes etc) or salty foods. You can add an extra day onto the end if you wish.

The best results will be achieved with 12 consecutive detox days, so really try not to cheat. If you are hungry, have the optional meal with unlimited salad or cooked vegetables. 

What about after the detox? Will I regain the weight?

If you transition onto a healthy and clean diet once the detox is over then it is entirely possible to not regain any of the weight afterwards. Many people have successfully done this and even gone on to lose more weight once the detox has finished, if this is their goal. 

The main thing is to follow the 7 day guideline in the eBook on how to transition back to "whole foods" and especially avoid consuming a lot of bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc or salty products in the first week off. After you complete your detox your body will naturally desire healthier foods, so you shouldn't struggle too much with junk food cravings anyway.

Aslong as you are eating the correct calories in line with your height/weight, then you won't experience weight regain. You may experience a slight weight fluctuation at the beginning, but it will return to normal after a few days. Just try to keep your food healthy, eat lean protein sources, healthy fats, plenty of fresh vegetables, some fruit and of course lots of water.

You can still have "cheat meals" in the future just try not to turn it into a "cheat few days" and you should definitely be able to keep the weight off.

Can I lift weights/do demanding workouts during the detox?

High intensity workouts are likely to leave you feeling a bit faint on the full version of the detox. But if you want to do a bit more exercise during the 12 days then I would recommend to you the modified version (with the daily meal) plus 2 snacks and a protein shake daily as well. But please note that even on the modified version, you shouldn't over do it with exercise, as the detox is already demanding on the body.

Can I take pre-workout?

I don’t recommend taking caffeine containing products ideally. Your workouts during the detox shouldn’t be heavy enough that they require any stimulants.

How many calories are in the smoothies?

The detox is only for short term use so calories aren't a focus. Each smoothie varies in calories but you can expect to consume around 900-1200 calories per day on the detox with the smoothies, snacks and optional meal.