Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 12 Day Smoothie Slim Detox?

Why would I need to detox to lose weight?

How would my body become toxic?

What are the signs my body is toxic?

What are the main benefits of the detox?

What makes this detox different from others?


Who is the detox not suitable for?

Does the detox contain dairy? Is it suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

I work during the day, can I do the detox?

What if i'm allergic/don't like a certain ingredient?

Will the ingredients be available where I live?

Can I do the detox if I exercise a lot?

Is this detox suitable for men?

Thing to know before starting the detox

Can I eat during the detox?

Which equipment will I need?

Do I need to exercise during the detox?

Can I drink coffee/alcohol during the detox?

Are the smoothie ingredients expensive?

What if I'm allergic/can't use a certain ingredient?

Are the smoothie ingredients hard to find?

Is the detox safe?

Can I take my usual supplements?

Can I detox whilst on my period?

Do I need to buy all organic ingredients?

Will I be needing lots of toilet visits?

Can I lift weights/do demanding workouts?

Can I take pre-workout?

During the detox

I need ingredient substitutions.

I'm not losing as much weight as I expected.

I cheated during the detox, what to do?

How many calories are in the smoothies?

After the detox

Can I continue past the 12 days? When can I repeat?

Will I regain weight after the detox?


Is the detox plan eBook available worldwide?

Which languages is the eBook available in?


Is your checkout safe?

Can I pay in dollars even though I don't live in the USA?

Why is the payment card being declined?

What is your returns policy?


I payed but didn't receive my download link yet?

How long until I receive my eBook?

Will I receive a copy of the book in the post too?

What is an eBook?

Where can I read my eBook?

I bought the eBook but now it says 'access denied'.